Petranek Wedding – Cookville, Texas

I had the joy of meeting Brooke (and Dale!) at one of my other sweet bride’s weddings. She was a bridesmaid and a wonderful one at that, by the way. Brooke was one of my brides with fabulous taste. She knew the look she was going for but just needed guidance piecing it all together. The couple chose The 80 Acres for their outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. They wanted something classic, with small vintage glam touches. Between Pursuing Eden Rentals and La Bella Blooms floral, I feel like the over all design was nailed to perfection! Not to mention the bridesmaid’s gorgeous ivory and gold gowns mirroring Sugar Baby Confections ivory and gold cake; it was all just stunning. Moore Music Entertainment kept everyone dancing and having a wonderful time throughout the entire reception, and Julia Alison Photography captured every minute of it!

The thing that stuck out most to me throughout the entire day was just how loved the couple was. They even included Dale’s sweet dog, Maggie. Everyone acted as though that was just standard; of course Maggie is present and acting/posing/walking PERFECTLY. Why wouldn’t she be? Everyone knew the couple and their hearts so well, no one was anything short of just happy for them. I loved every minute of it. (Especially Maggie, y’all that dog was just too sweet and well behaved- really.)

Cheers! To Mr. and Mrs. Petranek

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