Wedding Coordination Program


This program allows your team, family, and vendors to work off the same plan created by a professional, to ensure your wedding is coordinated down to the last detail. Get customized plans for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time wedding coordinator.


Through filling out this detailed survey, I will provide you with a professional grade outline for your wedding day. This program allows you to run your wedding plans by the eyes of a professional! After you have completed payment, you will be sent a very detailed survey. Give me as many details in the questions as you possibly can, every detail counts! I will then be able to piece together not only a timeline for your wedding day, but also a detailed layout of your rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.

I will include notes and special reminders that link seamlessly with the special details only your wedding holds. Once you have received the first draft, you will be able to make additions and ask questions 1 time via email, and after I make those tweaks you will be sent your final copy. This program is meant to give your wedding plans life, structure, and a cohesive map that everyone (your family, bridal party, friends, and vendors) can all work from.


  • This program works best if your wedding plans are mostly complete and you are ready to have the weekend put into action on paper.
  • Your wedding date must be a (minimum) of 10 days out to ensure you will receive your final timeline by your rehearsal day.
  •  903 Events is not responsible for your vendor’s performance or actions on your wedding date.