Kornegay Wedding – Nashville, TN

My overall feeling throughout this entire wedding planning process and weekend was honored. I was, and still am, so honored that Lauren and Nathan chose me to help guide them through their planning and their big day. I have actually known Lauren since we were little, (our parents have photos that are true gems). I have some of my sweetest childhood memories with this girl and her wonderful family. In my business you don’t just do your job; you live it. Your clients become family, your brides become sisters, and the parents become friends. That being said, when you start out with clients already so close to your heart, emotionally attached turns into full blown ugly cry during her ceremony all kinds of quick. (Yes, there is a reason I stand in the back where no one can possibly see my face). Lauren and Nathan have been together for 7 years, completely long distance. Nathan adores Lauren, every time I saw him look at her he was smiling. They laugh so much, constantly actually, and I love it. They chose to have a Christ centered ceremony at Midtown Fellowship in Nashville, Tn and then a fun southern reception at the Brentwood Country Club. Everything was classic, perfectly in tune with all southern etiquette, and just lovely. The whole day was lovely. I can honestly say that every person in that country club had an absolute blast from the moment they walked in until they were waving the happy couple off for the night. Enjoy a few photos provided by Bosley Jarrett Photography.



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